ASOP Playlist for the Depressed and Miserable
ASOP Playlist for the Depressed and Miserable

Feeling Down? Try Listening to a Song of Praise

As the COVID-19 pandemic batters practically the whole world today, many people –  young and old – are being severely affected in different ways. The pandemic is taking a heavy toll on the physical and mental health of people. Depression and other mental health-related illnesses are on the rise. Strict lockdown policies, financial insecurity, economic instability, and loss of loved ones have induced a considerable degree of fear, grief, and anxiety. 

While many found it hard to deal with these challenges, some have made listening to songs of praise their coping mechanism, like a netizen named “izethetic.” According to her, listening to a praise song entitled ‘Alam Niya’ has helped her uplift her spirit and ease her worries.

“Sobrang laking tulong nito sa mental health ko. Di ko alam bakit ngayon ko lang pinatugtog to. Simula nung narinig ko ‘to, hindi na ako umiinom ng gamot ko for depression. Sa tuwing dadalawin ako ng lungkot at kung anu-ano pang gumuglo sa isp at puso ko, dito ako pumupunta para magpalakas ng loob. 1 week na akong di umiinom ng antidepressant and so far okay naman ako… Lumalakas loob ko at napapanatag ang puso ko dahil sa kanta na’to.”, she added. 

(The song is a great help to my mental health.  I wish I had played it earlier.  Since I started listening to this song, I have stopped taking my antidepressant medicine.  Each time that sadness creeps in and when many things begin to trouble my heart and mind, I would just play the song and I readily gain courage and inspiration.  It’s been a week now that I am not taking any antidepressants, and so far, I’m okay.  … I get motivated and I feel solace in my heart because of this song.)  

You can read her full statement on the screenshot of her comments below:

Alam Niya – composed by the person behind A Song of Praise (ASOP) Music Festival and Wish 107.5, Kuya Daniel Razon – is a song that offers a hopeful reminder that we have a loving Father who knows the deepest desires of our hearts and He is always watching over us. 

Brother Eli Soriano, also one of the proponents of the said songwriting competition, shares a tweet or two based on his experience on how a song of praise brings him a certain feeling of peace and relief.

And with the opening of the new season of the ASOP Music Festival, more songs of praise will surely be brought forth, especially so that the upcoming season will go international. Through this festival, it is hoped that the message of faith and trust in God will be instilled in the hearts of all men.