A Song of Praise (ASOP) Music Festival International


“A Song of Praise (ASOP) Music Festival International” is an international Christian songwriting competition open to all amateur and professional musicians, songwriters, composers and lyricists being held under the auspices and supervision of and produced through the collaborative efforts of Breakthrough and Milestones Productions International (BMPI) Inc. and the Members Church of God International (MCGI) Inc.

  1. “ASOP Productions International” refers to the international production staff created and organized through the collaboration of Breakthrough and Milestones Productions International (BMPI) Inc. and the Members Church of God International (MCGI) Inc., who shall directly man the activities of the competition which includes talents, judges, and host.
  2. “Producer” refers to either or both BMPI and/or MCGI that through their collaboration, the competition was made possible.
  3. “Music Publishing House” refers to KDR Music House Company which the Producer has tapped and designated as the official publishing house of the Competition.
  4. “Competition” refers to the “A Song of Praise (ASOP) Music Festival International” or simply “ASOP International” which is an international Christian songwriting competition open to all amateur and professional musicians, songwriters, composers and lyricists who want to showcase their Divine given talents in creating praise songs.
  5. “Contestant”refers to an individual composer, songwriter, musician and/or lyricist, or a group/collaboration of individual composers, songwriters, and/or lyricists who submit their Entry/ies to join the competition.
  6. “Musical Composition” refers to original and unpublished work which includes words and music written or created in whole or in part by a contestant for the purpose of joining the competition.
  7. “Entry” refers to the musical composition together with its music video presented and submitted by the contestant for the purpose of joining the competition.
  8. “Music Video” shall mean a performance music video created and produced by the contestant for the competition to showcase his/her/ their artistic creation.
  9. “Finalist” refers to an Entry declared as one of the finalists selected and/or which qualified for the Grand Finals.
  10. “Screening Committee” refers to the panel created or organized by ASOP Productions International who shall screen and audition all entries and select the contestants/participants for the weekly eliminations.
  11. “Collective Management Organization” (“CMO”) refers to a body or organization established and operating within or outside the Philippines, which facilitates and manages, copyright and related rights of a composer, producer or performer (right holders) to negotiate licenses and remuneration with third party seeking permission for the use of song/s of the latter in the interest of both parties and economic reward for rights holders.
  1. To provide an appropriate venue through a Christian and friendly competition for the creation of thoughts, ideas, and feelings through songs of praises and thanksgiving to God Almighty.
  2. To encourage new or innovative forms or styles in musical compositions and to enhance the ability of each participant/contestant in praise songwriting.
  1. This competition is open to all amateur and professional songwriters, at least eighteen (18) years old, regardless of their nationality, place of residence and/or territory.
  2. The officers, employees, talents, hosts, judges, and/or members of ASOP Productions International and BMPI, including their relatives up to fourth civil degree of consanguinity or affinity, are disqualified to join the competition.
  3. In the event a contestant happens to be a member of any Collecting Society or Collective Management Organizations (CMOs) and has been selected to compete for the weekly eliminations, his/her/their CMOs shall execute a Waiver of Rights and Claim to the musical composition/entry.
  4. Only those entries that have fully complied with the requirements stated in this Competition Guidelines shall be qualified to participate in this competition.
Technical Requirements
  1. The Entry must be an original, unpublished composition or work of the Contestant. All rights to the musical composition must be owned entirely and exclusively by the Contestant/s.

    There may be several composer/s, songwriters, musicians and lyricist/s who have worked in collaboration for one entry, but they must ALL agree to participate in the competition by signing collectively in the duly accomplished song entry form.

  2. The following are disqualified to join the ASOP Music Festival International:
    • Works of music which have been submitted as an entry to any other amateur or professional competition;
    • Musical works which have been commissioned by a third party for whatever purpose;
    • Works of music which have been previously sold, assigned, transferred, or licensed to any individual, entity, or record label and/or publishing company;
    • Musical works which have been published, recorded, released or distributed by any individual, entity, or record label and/or publishing company in any part of the world;
    • Song entries that infringe the copyright of any person, or entity.
    • Song entries which contain words or phrases with registered trademarks and brand names;
    • Song entries with several composers, songwriters, musicians and lyricists, who have failed to reach a consensus or agreement to have their music submitted as an entry;
    • Songs which, in the sole determination of ASOP Productions International is not suitable by reason of offensive and inappropriate content and/or lyrics;
  3. ASOP Productions International reserves the right to disqualify a song entry if in its judgment the song entry infringes the copyright of another party and the contestant shall assume full responsibility for any claim for infringement that may be filed by the original author of the works or any portion thereof used by the contestant.
  1. Any and all musical compositions that shall be qualified and selected to compete in any and all rounds/levels of the competition are understood to be the property owned by the contestant, subject however, to the rights that the Contestant has assigned to the PRODUCER, as indicated hereunder;
  2. For this competition, KDR Music House has been chosen, designated, and appointed by the PRODUCER as the exclusive official music publishing house for this competition;
  3. After an entry has been determined and pre-qualified for the competition or has been chosen to participate in the weekly elimination round, the Contestant shall execute and assign, as well as waive, in favor of the PRODUCER all of his/his/their rights, title, interest, and copyright over his/her/their artistic work (both the Musical Composition and the Music Video)/ entry submitted. Consequently, the PRODUCER shall have exclusive and perpetual rights worldwide over the work of music and music video with full right and authority including, but not limited to the following:
    • to transmit via radio or television, or other social media platforms, such as, but not limited to, digital or virtual broadcast, virtual concert, or otherwise, publicly perform the said musical composition.
    • to transmit or disseminate the said musical composition in whatever format available, whether by digital album compilation, downloading, streaming, subscription, webcasting, and the like, as available.
    • To utilize, exploit, synchronize with, broadcast, and exhibit the musical composition in any platform of audiovisual work such as films, television shows, advertisements (both print and audiovisuals), audiovisual presentations and the like.
    • to revise, edit, or adapt the said musical composition in conformity to the technological and/or commercial requirements of the recording processes now available or may be in the future, depending upon the advent of technology.
    • to revise, edit, or delete any material or portion in the musical composition as the PRODUCER may deem necessary.
    • to undertake or authorize another entity the adaptation or translation of the musical composition.
    • to exploit and/or license the musical composition for whatever lawful purpose or purposes.
    • to authorize the use of the musical composition in whatever devices or gadgets now or in the future might become available including, but not limited to, home appliances, music boxes, cellphones, and the like.
    • to establish standard price rates for the exploitation of any musical composition and/or otherwise free usage, solely at the discretion of the PRODUCER.
    • to collect, receive, or waive, any and/or all revenues derive from transactions wherein the musical composition was involved and to represent the Contestant in all matters concerning his/her musical composition.
    • to assign to any third party any and/or all of the rights to do the above, as assigned by the Contestant to the PRODUCER, at the sole discretion and upon the sound judgement of the latter.
    • to exercise the rights assigned by the Contestant to the PRODUCER, in whatever manner or means available for legal purpose or purposes, at the sole discretion of the PRODUCER.
  4. In addition to the foregoing, the PRODUCER shall also have the right to utilize in perpetuity, free of charge, any and/or all the entries to the Competition in connection with the airing, broadcast, streaming and promotion of the said Competition around the world, thru any and all forms of available media flat forms. Concomitantly, to utilize, for whatever lawful purpose or purposes, any and/or all entries that qualified to compete in the Competition, in any current programs or platforms of the PRODUCER including, but not limited to, the use thereof in replays beyond the period indicated, without any monetary obligation to the Contestant by the herein PRODUCER.
  5. The failure or refusal by the contestant to execute the agreement and/or assignment of rights and waiver of rights mentioned in the foregoing shall disqualify his/her/their entry to compete and participate in any level/ round of the competition. (Agreement on Assignment and Waiver of Rights)
Competition Rounds/ Levels
  1. Weekly Eliminations
    Four (4) song entries will be selected to compete for the Weekly Elimination Round.
    There will be twelve (12) Weekly Eliminations in a season.
    Weekly Winners will automatically advance to the Grand Finals.
  2. The Grand Finals
    There will be twelve (12) finalists to compete for the Grand Finals.
Allowable Number of Entries

Initially, there will be no limit to the number of entries an individual or a group can submit but once one of the entries of a contestant is selected to compete for the weekly eliminations, all other entries submitted by said contestant will be automatically ineligible to any level of the competition.

Song Entry Requirements

All important information on how to submit a song entry are available in the official website, visit

  1. Themes of songs are strictly confined to SONGS OF PRAISES TO THE GOD OF THE BIBLE.
  2. Duly accomplished online song entry form must accompany each and all entries signed by ALL the composer(s), songwriters (s) or lyricist(s) in case there are several of them, who, it is understood, have shared ownership to the composition and who shall share the prize among themselves.
  3. The song must not exceed four minutes (4:00) including intros and outros.
  4. The MP3 Audio File of the song (192 bit rate) must be clear and audible.
  5. A Performance Music Video of the Song at 360p quality and with maximum TRT 4:00 including intros and outros
  6. Doc file of the Lyric Sheet, for non-English entries, an English translation must be provided below each line of the lyrics.
  7. Bio-page of the Passport, or a National ID (for identification) of all the persons involved in the composition of the song
  8. Passport-size Picture (softcopy)
One or a combination of musical instruments may be used.
Entries arranged acapella (3 or more parts) are allowed.
Lyrics and Lyric Sheet
  1. The lyrics of the song may be written in any language or a combination of any dialect or language, (with English translation on the lyric sheet/s).
  2. Include the name(s) of the composer(s), lyricist(s) and/or arranger/s on the lyric sheet/s
Manner of Presentation / Performance of Songs Allowed
  1. Pop
  2. Jazz
  3. Ballad
  4. Classical
  5. Soul
  6. Blues
  7. RnB
  8. Gospel
  9. and the likes, EXCEPT Metallic Rock and Rap.
Music Video
  1. Contestants shall submit a PERFORMANCE MUSIC VIDEO as their entry in the competition which must not exceed more than four (4) minutes including intros and outros. One (1) Music Video submitted by the Contestant shall represent one Song Entry. Contestants may submit more than one entry, refer to Article VIII.

    Contestant must be the creator and owner of the Music video submitted to the Competition.

  2. Artists/Performers in the Music Video must sign a written consent for the use, airing, publishing and/or republishing of their image, voice, video in connection with this competition.

  3. Contestant must comply with all the Song Entry Requirements posted in ASOP Music Festival International Official Website.

    Upon completion of all the requirements, contestants may submit their entry via our official website

    The PRODUCER is not responsible and disclaims any liability for late, lost, damaged, misdirected, stolen and for any error in the online submissions including, but not limited to, unsuccessful file uploads. Entry submitted will not be returned and the PRODUCER reserves the right to dispose of any and/or all submitted material.

Screening of Entries

A Screening Committee which was created and organized by the PRODUCER shall screen and audition all the entries and determine the qualified Contestants or Entries for the weekly eliminations.

Song entries which shall meet the criteria for screening and passed the quality analysis of the ASOP Productions International shall be allowed to compete in the competition rounds.

Panel of Judges

The panel of Judges composed of well-known personalities in the music and/or entertainment industry shall choose the winners for the Weekly Eliminations and the Grand Finals.

The decision of the Panel of Judges is final, binding, and unappealable

Criteria for Screening and Judging

The general criteria are as follows:

Music Composition
Lyrics (40%)
refers to the body of the verse used in the musical composition.
Musical Content (30%)
refers to the appeal of the melody and its accompanying basic harmony.

Music Video
Originality & Creativity (20%)
refers to the authenticity of the creative and unique result of the efforts exerted to come up with a special essence imbued in the musical composition.
Over-all impact (10%)
refers to the general appeal of the song entry based on the concept, treatment of subject, structure, and unity of musical elements.
A total of 100%.
Undertaking of the Finalist
  1. A Finalist shall not be allowed to waive his/her participation in the Grand Finals.
  2. A Finalist authorizes and consents to the use of his/her name, photograph, video, biographical material and likeness in connection with the promotion or exploitation of the Musical Composition and/or Musical Video on any folio, record or other publication or contrivance reproducing or endorsing the Entry;
  3. The PRODUCER reserves all the rights to cause any of the finalist-songs to be rearranged, orchestrated and performed after the Competition within specified limits as may be determined by the PRODUCER.
  4. All Finalists are required to attend and participate in all rehearsals and meetings and Final Night activities without remuneration.
  5. The presence of the finalists at the Festival proper, on or off the stage shall likewise be without remuneration; and
  6. Any doubt or ambiguity as to the meaning or interpretation of any provision of these rules, including any concern or issue involving any aspect of the competition, shall be resolved by the ASOP Productions International and its decision shall be binding on all finalists and parties concerned.
  1. PRODUCER and ASOP Productions International shall have the sole right to designate the members of the Screening Committee. It shall also have the exclusive right to appoint the persons who shall compose the panel of Judges whose decision shall be final and unappealable.
  2. ASOP Productions International, in its sole discretion, may decide the number of screening stages, the periods of submission of entries (the deadlines if stated) and appoint members of the panel of Judges.
  3. ASOP Productions International shall have the right to disqualify a contestant who refuses or fails to comply with any of the Competition’s Contest Guidelines.
  4. The PRODUCER and the ASOP Productions International reserves the right to disqualify a song entry if in its judgment a song entry infringes the copyright of another party.
  5. Any form of fraud or misrepresentation made by a contestant in connection with his song entry or any breach of warranties shall be immediate ground for his disqualification from the competition.
  6. The PRODUCER and the ASOP Productions International reserves the right to alter, amend, change, or delete the terms and conditions, rules and guidelines of the competition, at any time whenever PRODUCER shall deem it necessary.
Warranties & Guarantees
  1. The Contestant certifies that the Entry presented/submitted by him/her/them in this competition is/are his/her/their original work and ingenuity, and no other interested person or party presenting any opposing claims or interest to in said musical composition/s and music video, has ever filed a claim thereto up to the present and/or definitely may even in the future.

    Furthermore, the Contestant certifies that, neither the musical composition and music video nor any part thereof infringes upon any literary, musical, personal, or property rights of any person or entity.

  2. Contestant warrants that he does not possess any legal impediment to give his consent to the terms and conditions of this competition. Contestant further warrants that he has no legal impediment to assign and waive his/her/their right/s in favor of the PRODUCER.

  3. In the event of copyright infringement, all prize monies paid to Participant/Contestant shall be returned and correspondingly be refunded to the PRODUCER of this competition with interest thereon at the legal rate until full payment or refund is made. The PRODUCER shall, likewise, have the right to require the Contestant to refund any prize awarded to him/her/them or withhold awards or winnings from any Participant/Contestant that violates the law on intellectual property. Contestant shall also be made liable to pay actual and exemplary damages, including attorney’s fees.

  4. The Contestant undertakes to reimburse in full, absolve and hold ASOP Productions International, PRODUCER, its directors, officers, stockholders, employees, licensees and assignees, members of the Screening Committee, and the members of the panel of Judges, free and harmless from any and all damages arising out, or in connection with, any demand, case or claim by interested party or any copyright issues pertaining to a song entry submitted by a Contestant, or to any claim by a third party that is not consistent or in contradiction with that of the right and claim of the Contestant regarding his/her/their Entry. If a claim or suit is brought against ASOP Productions International and/or the PRODUCER it shall notify the Contestant and the Contestant shall be required to intervene, partake and correspondingly undertake the defense thereof until the case is finally disposed of by the court or any tribunal. Contestant shall fully reimburse PRODUCER of all the expenses that may be incurred including attorney’s fees and indemnify the latter for damages.

Acceptance and Conformity

It is understood and agreed upon that when a contestant submits an entry to the Competition, the contestant is deemed to have freely consented to abide by the terms and conditions, rules and guidelines set forth by this Competition.

Governing Law

This Competition Rules shall be governed and construed exclusively in accordance with the laws of the Republic of the Philippines to the EXCLUSION of any other jurisdiction outside the Philippines.